Why Hide…

We need to throw away our external covers and for once embrace our true inner self.


We often put up a happy front when inside we are struggling to come to terms with reality…

Feels like a distant place, a land unknown,

Surrounded by familiar faces still feeling alone.

Some with smiles on their faces and some with grief,

Each with a story of their own, searching for relief.

A question that often burns through my mind,

With so many underlying emotions wringing one’s soul,

What is it that we are trying to hide?

Is being strong and putting up a facade,

The only way to bear the pain that is tearing us apart.

Why not let others see who we truly are?

And what is it that crosses our heart?

Or are we so scared of rejection,

That it prevents us from showing our imperfections.

Why not feel free and let our emotions flow,

Lets not hide behind a mask anymore.

Life is too short to repent and lament,

Just like crying is not always a sign of weakness.

Conflicts, struggles, pain and sorrow will find their way,

But one must find in themselves that source of motivation,

The patience, the strength, the inner light to guide them.

The Beginnings and the Ends…

The thought of loosing something or someone that is precious to us causes us a lot of pain…we know the rule of life everything that starts must come to an end…yet it seems so hard to understand.

It is a crude connection,

One that requires no explanation.

For everything that has a beginning,

Has an equally emotional ending.

It maybe one that has a beautiful start,

Which eventually leaves one scarred.

It maybe one that kills a heart,

Yet leads to something beyond our power.

A relation that is hard to understand,

Against which we cannot take a stand.

Winning and loosing, life and death,

Are part and parcel of what we get.

They say in loosing lies the true appreciation,

For all that we have, yet give no consideration.

It has a beauty of its own,

Something that requires time to be known.

For if there is pain and sorrow,

There is also happiness that will follow.

Since life is a journey that we must travel,

Enjoying its mysteries and secrets as they unravel.

That One Sided Love…

Sometimes we fall for those who we can never have. A poem expressing the feelings we go through when we look at them though we are aware that they can never be ours…

A poem of love… Love that brought your emotions on surface… Love that you could never call yours…

One look at you after all this time,

Is enough to bring back old memories of mine.

Those awkward yet caring moments,

That were followed with silence only to be broken with a smile.

The warmth of your hand next to mine sitting close,

The little arguments that were over before the night dawned.

Speaking with just a glimpse of an eye,

Gestures conveying more feelings than spoken words.

Looking at you yet keeping a distance,

Controlling the overflowing emotions with persistence.

Knowing all along what my heart wants,

Yet holding myself back cause you are out of bounds.

Unexpectedly charming, alluring, mysteriously warm,

These feelings are hard to express yet fiercely strong.

Each moment spent with you is now etched in my memory,

Sometimes I reminiscence in them and smile to myself in glory.

For it is hard to fall in love with the one you can not call yours,

But the strength of one sided love is too strong to ignore.

These feelings often surface bringing the memories to shore,

But with it lies the magic of love,

Which comes knocking unexpectedly at our doors.

Be Brave…

There are times in life when we feel helpless , lost and are driven with sadness…it is at these times that we truly come to know who stands with us and who does not. This poem is dedicated to all the people in my life who have helped, loved and supported me…even when i have been at my worse.

The first time when you took a step,

You stumbled, fell and often wept.

Two hands always soothed the pain,

Pushing you to try again.

Your first day at your new school,

You felt lonely and others judged you too soon.

A friendly smile and that understanding nod,

Motivated you to keep going back for more.

The first time that you stood on stage,

Trying to deliver a speech self-made.

The cheers and the supporting voices backstage,

Encouraged you to be confident and brave.

Then came the time when love walked in,

Making everything else seem dull and dim.

It broke your heart to see it leave,

But along with it came friendly support to keep you from being meek.

Time and again tempests have come,

Raising many questions.

Raging a storm in the heart,

Leading you towards a new start.

Challenges and hurdles will follow,

Some will result in happiness and some in sorrow.

Some are close and some are distant,

Checking on our strength and readiness.

Each sharing a similar essence with a different lesson of its own,

Teaching us to be brave yet humble and keep marching on.

Decisions and Confusions..

We all have experienced moments in life where we have to make a choice…a decision…and each decision takes us on a different path….

Realisation dawns on me too hard,

Reality and the false facade.

The absence and the false pretense,

Attachment and the breaking of heart.

Looking for answers to endless questions,

The bitter truth adds falsifications.

To make it easy to accept,

That life is a journey filled with pride and regret.

How to strengthen myself to face these situations,

How to make these life changing decisions.

Choices to be made and paths to follow,

Aims to achieve and decisions for tomorrow.

It seems like a lonely road ahead,

But I will not let it stop me.

I will overcome all these hurdles,

That lie ahead to test me.

A Storm Called Life

A poem about how life challenges us and at the same time guides us through these challenges….

There is a storm brewing in the heart like the one at sea,

The eyes are looking for a known face among the unknown faces that can be seen.

There is a painful brightness in the eyes like the lightening shines on a stormy night,

A pang in the heart awakens the soul like the shine of that lonely star shining bright.

The eyes water in the memory of someone dear like the rain falls from the dark cloudy sky,

The mind struggles to achieve clarity like the one that comes at the end of the stormy tide.

Eyes sweep in different directions for answers like the leaves blowing on a windy day,

The dark clouds remind one of those tough trying days.

When the heart wished for something and the mind created a state of confusion,

Decisions, struggles and the trying tempests and moments,

Ultimately they are all replaced by laughter and joyous ones.

But before a new start comes a brewing storm,

Before each start one must take a call.

For after each storm the sun comes out strong,

Hope shines through its rays spreading with it positivity and endless grace.

Birds build their destroyed nests chirping away,

Happy about the new day and working forward to the start of a new phase.

Life tries and tests one from time to time,

Springing surprises and giving way to new imaginations,

Giving hope after despair,

Giving one strength and new obstacles to face and damage to repair.

A voice calls on and guides one through,

All it asks for is faith and trust in you.