Best of Friends…

Good friends are hard to come by…this poem is dedicated to all the beautiful friendships that demand nothing but in return give us lots of happiness and love.


It is often said that friends are the extended family that care for us and support us…they are our support system who guide us help us and if need be they even scold us. 

At times we wonder,

On meeting certain strangers,

That there is a certain invisible bond,

The existence of which is mysteriously strange but at the same time strong.

We do not know each other, we have never met,

After all we are completely strangers, but yet,

That first interaction and the pleasing formal demeanour,

Is soon replaced by friendly fights and constantly speaking to each other.

There are times when we feel extremely lonely,

In such moments their company gives us a sense of relief and safety,

They feel like our extended family.

Staying up late at night, catching up with each other,

Sharing the days events, laughing at things that do not matter.

At times we argue, we ignore each other,

But at the end of the day we end up at each other’s door.

We laugh, we cry, we share our feelings,

And at times make fun of the meaningless gossips.

We are not bonded by blood,

But this bond is so strong that little misunderstandings can not break it up.

One knows deep inside,

That no matter how much we fight,

We always wish for the best for each other in our hearts and mind.

We cannot see each other in pain,

And anything that hurts one,

The other ensures that it never does so again.

Such friends are hard to come by,

But when they do, do not let them pass you by.

They are the ones who understand you best,

Especially at times when you do not expect it from the rest,

Cause after all we are the best of friends.

What If…

There are times when we are sure of what we want yet our mind and our heart leads us to question what if.

Our decisions…our faith is often clouded by this one thought…what if…which has the power to shake us from the very core and make us doubt things.

Choices to make and hurdles to face,

Raising many questions testing one’s faith.

A passing thought that trickles through my mind,

It may seem small but its power can not be denied.

What if?

Strangers turn to friends and friends turn to enemies,

Learning to live life, developing our own personal strategies.

Parents grow old as children get stronger,

So many changes around us making it hard to figure out the bigger picture.

No matter how determined we might seem,

The mind creates its own delusional scene.

What if?

Doubts and confusions creating a mirage,

Making one doubt themselves and their hidden power.

What if I made a wrong choice, a wrong start?

What if I am not able to follow my chosen path?

It is in moments like these that we feel weak,

Our strength seems drained and the future seems bleak.

We all aim high and have many aspirations,

Some we manage to achieve and for others we need sources of inspiration.

So why question what if?

Why not live each moment as what it is.

Nobody can take from us which is truly ours,

It may seem far for a moment but is not beyond our reaching power.

Lets not raise the question what if,

Lets not create a state of misery which makes it hard for us to live.

Lets laugh, love and be happy,

Cherish each moment and make beautiful memories.

Cause each one of us is truly unique,

And so is this life’s journey that we must happily live.

Embracing Uncertainties…

It is not easy to let go but at times there are things in life that are hard to understand and one must learn to embrace this uncertainty with time.

We meet many people in life some stay and some leave us…their departure is as mysterious as their arrival is for us…

It seems like a long distance to cover,

There is no sign of an approaching destination yet,

And not a person hovers.

Alone and uncertain but strongly determined,

I take a few steps forward and the journey begins.

Two steps further,

It looks like there is some movement in the direction ahead,

A few steps more and it seems like someone is in need of help.

I extend a hand in their direction,

Desperate hands in return pull me and cling on with exasperation.

After many failed attempts and struggles the help is a success,

We dust ourselves and continue walking the distance together.

We walk a few miles hand in hand,

Suddenly, I stumble and come to a halting stand.

I am left behind stuck in a struggle,

But the rest continue walking forward not missing the fallen member.

I put on a smile, brush myself,

And continue my journey as if in a state of slumber.

After a long walk alone and overcoming many hurdles,

I come to a halt again by seemingly unknown obstacles.

An invisible push from unknown hands leads me on,

They smile at me and encourage me to walk on.

I smile back at them with an assurance,

That I will definitely pass on this chain of love and compassion.

Life is a journey in which we meet many people,

Some leave and some stay with us forever.

Some give us hope , some leave us in misery,

But it is upto us which one do we choose to save in our memory.

For each one has their own importance,

No matter what the condition be,

Stay honest, happy, realistic and learn to embrace life’s uncertainty.

Hidden Blessings of Life…

At times we overlook little things in life but in reality the true beauty lies in recognizing them and their worth.

There are many small incidents and occurences that act as a source of hope, love and care…

There are little things in life that we overlook,

They may seem small and insignificant but their true value needs to be carefully understood.

Be it a friendly smile or a loving gesture,

From a known person or from a complete stranger.

The affectionate touch of a mother,

And at times the seemingly harsh words of a father.

That strange feeling that follows a friendly fight,

Which often pushes one to reconcile.

The golden rays of sunlight peeping from behind black clouds,

The moon’s charming glow lightening up even the darkest unfriendly grounds.

The cool breeze under the shade of that crooked tree on a scorching sunny day,

That stiff cold butterfly that when kept in the sun regains the strength to fly again.

A candle’s wick burning so strong,

Even in the presence of that dark dangerously wild storm.

Love, hope and care is needed from time to time,

They come in different forms throughout the many stages of life.

Sometimes in state of confusion, at times in state of despair,

One has to look for them, cause they are always there.

It is in moments like these that we often realize,

There is so much to be grateful for and many endless surprise.

Cause these are the hidden blessings of life,

They are priceless and demand only to be felt and recognized.