Life Is For Giving…

“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give” – Winston Churchill


The essence of giving is all around us all we have to do is look for it with an open heart…

On a dark cloudy night,

The beauty of the glowing moon,

The cool breeze under the shade of a nearby tree,

In the scorching heat of the glaring sun at noon.

The dry, parched and patient land,

Comes back to life, with a few droplets of rain,

All of them unknowingly being that helping hand, 

That relieves someone in need of all their pain.

The colourful flowers and the buzzing bees,

Always share their charm and beauty,

The soulful song of the chirping birds,

A melody unknown, yet unconsciously spreading serenity.

The parents who stay up endless nights,

Dreaming of their child’s future ahead,

The child in turn crawling, walking, running, falling and stumbling,

Aiming to make his parents proud persistently marches ahead.

From the shaking leaf of a hanging branch,

That provides shelter to a snail walking on slippery grounds,

To the leading hand that guides an old man, 

Across the street away from the pushing crowds.

The essence of mortal living,

And the beauty of sharing,

Is found all around us shining through many examples.

From old to young, from nature to man,

Everyone gives the most of what they can.

Be it less, be it more,

Be it quantity or in quality.

An act of kindness or a simple gesture like smiling,

Nothing is more priceless, nothing is more satisfying,

Than feeling the power that comes from within,

As one understands, that ultimately – “Life is for Giving”.

The Dilemma…

Sometimes the heart and the mind defy each other …in such conditions who should one listen to…

Should one follow what the heart says or let the brain contemplate….

Like an impulsive child,

Demanding the one thing that he has been denied.

The constant buzzing of the bees trying to reach a flower,

That seems hidden from their view but still has an attractive power.

The charming glow of the pearly moon,

That attracts many but does not last till noon.

The heart wishes silently,

There is a longing, a soulful yearning,

Which at times results in nothing.

But deep inside it all resides…

The wishes, the dreams that cannot be defied.

The mind on the other hand,

Is like that determined ant,

Which on losing his trail still marches on with faith.

Like that ruthless cold-hearted lion,

Sneaking and conniving to catch its prey,

Knowing that no matter how much cruel it maybe is necessary to keep hunger at bay.

The mind reasons it all,

Providing explanations and logical representations.

Putting on a facade and calling it factual realism.

The  scales tip from one end to the other,

Creating misleading delusions of grandeur.

Walking on a thin line of seperation,

Swinging between the two choices of opinions.

It seems like a hard choice to make,

Should one – follow the heart’s way or let the mind win the game.

The Year Gone By…

A poem expressing feelings close to my heart…

Losing loved ones is never easy…but at times it is necessary to let go than to hold on.

As I sit reminiscing the year gone by,

The memories of the past days flash before my eyes.

A smile plays on the lips as I relive,

Wondering what was and what is.

Misunderstandings creep in with words unsaid,

That eventually seep through the bonds which were once the dearest.

The smile the presence which at one time mattered the most,

Now feels like a hazy memory… slowly fading as time goes.

Climbing stairs of personal achievements working more and more,

Reasoning that time for the other does not exist anymore.

Slowly the differences become glaringly evident,

Similarities that existed once are no longer prominent.

Doubts, judgements and lack of trust creep in,

We try, but there no longer exists that close understanding.

It is strange how circumstances brought about these changes,

All that lies between us now is strange talks, silence and awkardness.

They say that time has the power to heal all scars,

Slowly with it this sombre state too shall pass.
Things today may not be like what they were in the past,

But, if one day we do cross each other’s path,

I hope that we can look beyond our struggles our differences,

And share a smile…which maybe meaningless but touches our hearts.

Nature…A Source of Inspiration

In certain situations when we have no one to go to no solution to an ongoing problem it is in the nature…the natural elements around us that give us peace and inspire us.

Sometimes in times of adversity we find a source of hope for ourselves in the grandest creation of the supreme Lord.
Dark clouds suddenly emerge,

Taking away with it all the energy and the urge.

The warm sky suddenly looks very frightening,

The friendly sun rushes away to be replaced by nothing.

The sky seems a dark mixture of black and blue,

There is nothing in sight not even a shade or a silhouette.

Birds seem to have flown away too far,

There is a scary stillness around me yet not a soul to reach out for.

The trees stand motionless,

Not even a leaf stirs,

In the wake of the coming darkness.

A thunder sounds somewhere in the sky,

The heart pounds with it wondering,

What is to come and why?

There is no shelter in sight,

Nothing to protect me from the oncoming plight.

I look around with fear in my eyes,

The heart hoping beyond hope, fists clenched too tight.

Suddenly a harsh wind blows,

Shaking with it the momentary stillness that was before.

The elements that adjust to this change stay strong,

But those who try to defy it grow weak and fall off.

It dawns on me on seeing this sight,

I cannot escape whatever lies ahead,

No matter how much I struggle and fight.

It will test me, trouble me,

It will tire and scare me.


Like the trees I must learn to stand strong and tall,

Like the leaves I must learn to adjust and move with the flow,

Lean but not fall.

Like the birds I must learn to look for a niche,

While preparing myself for all posibilities.

Like the sun I must learn to be patient and hold on,

For the dark clouds will ultimately move on…

Nature goes through stages similar to our emotions,

If one observes it carefully and with patience,

At times of uncertainty,

It can serve as…a source of inspiration.