Being A Girl…

The poem is dedicated to all girls and women around the world who are pressurized due to the various evils in our society to give up their dreams and wishes and yet they live with a happy smile and march on with courage and dignity.


“Feminism is not about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It is about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” ~ G.D. Anderson

She looked up wistfully at the pearly moon,

Wondering whether her life choices are a bane or a hidden boon.

Comparing in her mind the beauty of the moon and its dark shades,

To the charm of life and the many evils that she has faced.

The struggles, the conflicts in search of her identity,

The fights, the reunions solved with sanity.

Her hard work, her goals and failures that she met,

Moments that made her feel proud of herself.

The many roles that she played beautifully,

The dark alleys, crossroads and threats that she faced bravely.

Jeering of roadside loafers that made her feel uncomfortable,

Quickening of her pace to protect herself from being vulnerable.

Colleagues looking up to her at work for her ethics with admiration,

The unfriendly stares of unknown men peering into her soul as if in damnation.

Making herself and her parents proud with her achievements,

But walking the streets with a fear embedded in her heart,

To be aware of people with bad intentions.

Raising her voice in this two faced society which endorses modernisation,

Where her cry is muffled in the name of a girl’s limitation.

Questions often raised on her morals and upbringing,

Based on actions that were never her doing.

The society condemning and casting her away,

For trying to achieve her goals, her dreams in her own way.

Labelling her happiness on her relationship status,

Preventing her to reach for that inner peace of which she is desirous.

Despite these many hindrances and objections,

She marches on with no fear of perfections.

Keeping close the one’s she loves the most,

Aiming for goals with no fear of rejection.

Raising her head up high each day keeping her fear aside,

Looking up to the moon which is as beautiful as her,

But has its own dark side.

Little Realizations With Time…

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style” – Maya Angelou

They say life teaches us lessons with each hurdle each moment and each second. But the beauty lies in accepting these lessons and understanding their true essence…

A young one holding onto his mother so close,

Fearing that he may loose his path as the crowd slowly grows.

As the child grows older he gets distant from the mother with dreams to follow,

But his love for her only grows stronger with the morrow.

The sun and the moon have a strange connection,

When one comes up the other is lost from our vision.

Despite this awkward yet natural arrangement,

They maintain a balance a perfect synchronization.

When feelings of loneliness sweeps us away,

Making it hard to decide if we should leave or stay.

It is in moments like these that we gain clarity,

Who are our friends and who holds feelings of enmity.

Trust and faith go hand in hand,

The moment one leaves,

It is difficult for the other to take a stand.

It is hard to rebuild and regain,

Once lost it is difficult to sustain.

When we are hurt by someone close,

Due to expectations that we never spoke.

No matter how hard overcoming the pain may seem,

The strength lies in us as we learn to forgive.

There is always a doubt in the heart,

Of what is it that will cross our path.

They say life is full of surprises,

At times unravelling with it lessons that one learns with time and slowly realizes.

It is with these little things that I realized,

That learning is a part of life from which one can never run away or hide.

Tangled Knots…

“Mostly it is loss which teaches us about the worth of things” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer. Understanding the mystery behind attachment and detachment…

Attachment is often followed by detachment…creating a knotted mess which despite being tugged from all ends only tightens these uncomfortable knots even more.

Like the strong connection between the sun and the moon,

The calming effect on a baby as the mother croons.

The sound of the thunder after the lightening strikes,

Relief that spreads as one quenches his thirst and slowly revives.

There are mysterious connections like these that are hard to understand,

They are close to the heart and nothing can break their trance.

Their elements go hand in hand,

Creating a sense of attachment as strong as a silk strand.

They calm us give us a sense of security,

Their presence gives us strength and hope to face adversities.

Then what is it that causes a reversal to such feelings,

From complete attachment we reach a state of emotionless stirrings.

Is it the thought of hurting the one we love that draws us away,

Or is it the imaginary pain of supposed seperation which makes us push them away.

It feels like taking away a prized possession,

Making someone feel pain when all they offered to us was love and compassion.

Distance and detachment creates this void,

That no one addresses but sadly avoids.

Certain configurations are hard to figure out,

The more we dwell on them the more we seem to drown.

But everything seems to move in a cycle,

From young to old and life to death,

Everything completes its circle.

So does this mean that this too shall follow the same flow,

With the loved ones who we lost and let go.

Will one day we forget all that which led us apart,

Will one day we be the same as we were in the past…