The Moon…A Source of Endless Hope…

“Language exerts hidden power like the moon on the tides” ~ Rita Mae Brown


The Moon is an important part of many cultures, folklores and tales around the world. Its beauty has been potrayed in ways more than one but each time I look up to the moon all I imbibe from it is endless wishes and hope…

The far off moon speaks to me,

Through it’s pearly shine it goads me.

Questions me as to what is it that is stuck in my mind,

That does not let me sleep at nights.

Inquiring as to what is it that prevents me from spreading my wings,

And soaring into the sky.

Speechless, answerless I look at the moon above,

Surrounded by a galore of stars,

Yet standing all alone in their midst.

It’s hidden beauty shining through the veil of the darkness,

Spreading a message of renewed hope with its glow,

Signifying it’s win over the sky’s blackness.

Gaining and loosing strength as it passes through its various phases,

Matching us humans as we walk through the many life’s stages.

It’s appearance marred by the many dark spots on it’s surface,

But with an inner strength so strong,

That it’s charm and beauty surpasses all of it’s weakness.

The moon…my source of endless hope,

Making me wish even in times of despair and heartbreaks,

Giving me strength to let go of all the setbacks and pain,

Freeing me of my conscience and the self-bound chains.

The moon…my soul’s inspiration,

Gazing down on me,

Encouraging me to find the strength within,

To wake up refreshed and renewed,

And find the peace for which my heart is longing.

Deep Inside…

“Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody” ~ Mark Twain

“I sometimes have a tendency to walk on the dark side” ~ J. K. Rowling.

There are many different sides to each one of us. Most of the time we only display that side of ours which we know is going to be loved by others…but what about the other side of our which is of equal significance…

As the night slowly spreads its wings,

Covering everything in its shadows,

Spreading with it a sense of mystery and uncertainty,

Slowly as all the brightness it swallows.

The dark seems apprehensive,

Unapproachable and strangely defensive.

Sending an eerie chill down the spine,

Of even the strongest of mankind.

Like the darkness that surrounds us at this time,

We all have certain traits that we are not proud of.

At times these are a source of our arrogance,

Other times making us humble in search of semblance.

Undeniable and unforgettable,

A hidden part of our core,

Sometimes a lesson and sometimes even more.

Hidden under the layers and layers of persona,

Coming out only when we feel safe with someone.

At times shunned away for coming out into the open,

At times embraced for finding the courage that comes with acceptance.

Locked away deep in our hearts,

Often viewed as our weakness,

Making one wonder will we be accepted with these,

Or will we have to learn to love loneliness.

For all the good qualities are often overshadowed by the undesirable ones,

Making it hard to decide if they should be disclosed or kept hidden.