Experiencing a Change…

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” ~ Charles Darwin


Change is that inevitable part of our lives that has the power to shake us from our very core. Sometimes it is the situations we are in and sometimes it is the people we love and us. It is not easy to go through and not everybody can accept it. So what does it feel like experiencing this…

Be it a tiny change in a long thought out plan,

Or a life altering event that comes up and our attention it demands, 

Change is something so confusing that it makes us wonder, 

Perceived as beautiful yet threatening often making one quiver. 

Creating feelings of restlessness in the hearts, 

As one feels that it might bring him together or break him apart. 

Imagined fear of what may come, 

Preventing us to see what we may become.

Leading to soul-searching, identity questioning,

Dreading a probable change in everyone and everything. 

Questioning the choices that it brings with itself,

Wondering if it will all be worth it. 

The onset of change bringing with it an explosion of feelings,

Making one think of himself and his abilities.

The excitement of the new ebbing its way as we go deeper,

The tingling sensation in our hearts making us feel weaker.

Like a curious child prying from behind the curtains,

We seek to get a hint or a simple illumination.

Of what is it that will come next,

Will it make everything worse or better in context.

It creates apprehensions,

Begging for us to shed our so called pretensions.

Encouraging us to reach out to it,

To embrace the oncoming change from within.

For change is inevitable,

It is a part of the life we live.

An unexpected hidden blessing,

If one does not accept it then he must face defeat.

So no matter how challenging it may seem,

How much ever dreadful it may feel,

Accepting and living the change is the key,

To a happy life and with it success and glory.