The Moon…A Source of Endless Hope…

“Language exerts hidden power like the moon on the tides” ~ Rita Mae Brown


The Moon is an important part of many cultures, folklores and tales around the world. Its beauty has been potrayed in ways more than one but each time I look up to the moon all I imbibe from it is endless wishes and hope…

The far off moon speaks to me,

Through it’s pearly shine it goads me.

Questions me as to what is it that is stuck in my mind,

That does not let me sleep at nights.

Inquiring as to what is it that prevents me from spreading my wings,

And soaring into the sky.

Speechless, answerless I look at the moon above,

Surrounded by a galore of stars,

Yet standing all alone in their midst.

It’s hidden beauty shining through the veil of the darkness,

Spreading a message of renewed hope with its glow,

Signifying it’s win over the sky’s blackness.

Gaining and loosing strength as it passes through its various phases,

Matching us humans as we walk through the many life’s stages.

It’s appearance marred by the many dark spots on it’s surface,

But with an inner strength so strong,

That it’s charm and beauty surpasses all of it’s weakness.

The moon…my source of endless hope,

Making me wish even in times of despair and heartbreaks,

Giving me strength to let go of all the setbacks and pain,

Freeing me of my conscience and the self-bound chains.

The moon…my soul’s inspiration,

Gazing down on me,

Encouraging me to find the strength within,

To wake up refreshed and renewed,

And find the peace for which my heart is longing.

The Year Gone By…

A poem expressing feelings close to my heart…

Losing loved ones is never easy…but at times it is necessary to let go than to hold on.

As I sit reminiscing the year gone by,

The memories of the past days flash before my eyes.

A smile plays on the lips as I relive,

Wondering what was and what is.

Misunderstandings creep in with words unsaid,

That eventually seep through the bonds which were once the dearest.

The smile the presence which at one time mattered the most,

Now feels like a hazy memory… slowly fading as time goes.

Climbing stairs of personal achievements working more and more,

Reasoning that time for the other does not exist anymore.

Slowly the differences become glaringly evident,

Similarities that existed once are no longer prominent.

Doubts, judgements and lack of trust creep in,

We try, but there no longer exists that close understanding.

It is strange how circumstances brought about these changes,

All that lies between us now is strange talks, silence and awkardness.

They say that time has the power to heal all scars,

Slowly with it this sombre state too shall pass.
Things today may not be like what they were in the past,

But, if one day we do cross each other’s path,

I hope that we can look beyond our struggles our differences,

And share a smile…which maybe meaningless but touches our hearts.