Being A Girl…

The poem is dedicated to all girls and women around the world who are pressurized due to the various evils in our society to give up their dreams and wishes and yet they live with a happy smile and march on with courage and dignity.


“Feminism is not about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It is about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” ~ G.D. Anderson

She looked up wistfully at the pearly moon,

Wondering whether her life choices are a bane or a hidden boon.

Comparing in her mind the beauty of the moon and its dark shades,

To the charm of life and the many evils that she has faced.

The struggles, the conflicts in search of her identity,

The fights, the reunions solved with sanity.

Her hard work, her goals and failures that she met,

Moments that made her feel proud of herself.

The many roles that she played beautifully,

The dark alleys, crossroads and threats that she faced bravely.

Jeering of roadside loafers that made her feel uncomfortable,

Quickening of her pace to protect herself from being vulnerable.

Colleagues looking up to her at work for her ethics with admiration,

The unfriendly stares of unknown men peering into her soul as if in damnation.

Making herself and her parents proud with her achievements,

But walking the streets with a fear embedded in her heart,

To be aware of people with bad intentions.

Raising her voice in this two faced society which endorses modernisation,

Where her cry is muffled in the name of a girl’s limitation.

Questions often raised on her morals and upbringing,

Based on actions that were never her doing.

The society condemning and casting her away,

For trying to achieve her goals, her dreams in her own way.

Labelling her happiness on her relationship status,

Preventing her to reach for that inner peace of which she is desirous.

Despite these many hindrances and objections,

She marches on with no fear of perfections.

Keeping close the one’s she loves the most,

Aiming for goals with no fear of rejection.

Raising her head up high each day keeping her fear aside,

Looking up to the moon which is as beautiful as her,

But has its own dark side.

Life Is For Giving…

“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give” – Winston Churchill

The essence of giving is all around us all we have to do is look for it with an open heart…

On a dark cloudy night,

The beauty of the glowing moon,

The cool breeze under the shade of a nearby tree,

In the scorching heat of the glaring sun at noon.

The dry, parched and patient land,

Comes back to life, with a few droplets of rain,

All of them unknowingly being that helping hand, 

That relieves someone in need of all their pain.

The colourful flowers and the buzzing bees,

Always share their charm and beauty,

The soulful song of the chirping birds,

A melody unknown, yet unconsciously spreading serenity.

The parents who stay up endless nights,

Dreaming of their child’s future ahead,

The child in turn crawling, walking, running, falling and stumbling,

Aiming to make his parents proud persistently marches ahead.

From the shaking leaf of a hanging branch,

That provides shelter to a snail walking on slippery grounds,

To the leading hand that guides an old man, 

Across the street away from the pushing crowds.

The essence of mortal living,

And the beauty of sharing,

Is found all around us shining through many examples.

From old to young, from nature to man,

Everyone gives the most of what they can.

Be it less, be it more,

Be it quantity or in quality.

An act of kindness or a simple gesture like smiling,

Nothing is more priceless, nothing is more satisfying,

Than feeling the power that comes from within,

As one understands, that ultimately – “Life is for Giving”.