Rise of the Pheonix Within…

“You have seen my descent. Now watch my rising” ~ Rumi


After each setback one faces they must gather their strength and rise again but with each rising we shed a part of us and transform for the best.

“I no longer feared the darkness once I knew the pheonix in me would rise from the ashes” ~ William C. Hannan

Like a pheonix she rises from the ashes,

Renewed, rejuvenated and revived.

Brushing off the smoky air off her,

Focusing on her goals with sharp eyes.

Filled with determination in her poised heart,

She looks at her transformed self amazed and awed.

Shining in the sun like the golden feathered mystical bird,

With a tint of red in her eyes.

Marking the fierce fire within her,

Burning her soul from the inside.

She looks around her…a world anew,

Refocussing her gaze gathering her strength for endeavour’s new.

Ready to take flight she spreads her wings,

Her targets in mind encouraging her as she soars in the sky moving with the wind.

Gaining new meaning to life with each achievement and insight,

Living in the present but keeping in mind the past lessons,

And preparing for the battles yet to face and fight.

With a promise to herself she moves on,

Never to look back at the ones who left her alone,

When she desperately needed someone to rely on.

She looks at her reflection as she soars above the running waters below,

Determined to be strong and independent,

To find her path and fulfill her goals.

To be brave enough to bring a change in herself to live her dreams,

And at the same time instilling in herself the belief,

To stay humble and true at heart,

Spreading love and hope wherever she goes,

No matter the degree of success and the new heights to which she will soar…

The Moon…A Source of Endless Hope…

“Language exerts hidden power like the moon on the tides” ~ Rita Mae Brown

The Moon is an important part of many cultures, folklores and tales around the world. Its beauty has been potrayed in ways more than one but each time I look up to the moon all I imbibe from it is endless wishes and hope…

The far off moon speaks to me,

Through it’s pearly shine it goads me.

Questions me as to what is it that is stuck in my mind,

That does not let me sleep at nights.

Inquiring as to what is it that prevents me from spreading my wings,

And soaring into the sky.

Speechless, answerless I look at the moon above,

Surrounded by a galore of stars,

Yet standing all alone in their midst.

It’s hidden beauty shining through the veil of the darkness,

Spreading a message of renewed hope with its glow,

Signifying it’s win over the sky’s blackness.

Gaining and loosing strength as it passes through its various phases,

Matching us humans as we walk through the many life’s stages.

It’s appearance marred by the many dark spots on it’s surface,

But with an inner strength so strong,

That it’s charm and beauty surpasses all of it’s weakness.

The moon…my source of endless hope,

Making me wish even in times of despair and heartbreaks,

Giving me strength to let go of all the setbacks and pain,

Freeing me of my conscience and the self-bound chains.

The moon…my soul’s inspiration,

Gazing down on me,

Encouraging me to find the strength within,

To wake up refreshed and renewed,

And find the peace for which my heart is longing.

Little Realizations With Time…

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style” – Maya Angelou

They say life teaches us lessons with each hurdle each moment and each second. But the beauty lies in accepting these lessons and understanding their true essence…

A young one holding onto his mother so close,

Fearing that he may loose his path as the crowd slowly grows.

As the child grows older he gets distant from the mother with dreams to follow,

But his love for her only grows stronger with the morrow.

The sun and the moon have a strange connection,

When one comes up the other is lost from our vision.

Despite this awkward yet natural arrangement,

They maintain a balance a perfect synchronization.

When feelings of loneliness sweeps us away,

Making it hard to decide if we should leave or stay.

It is in moments like these that we gain clarity,

Who are our friends and who holds feelings of enmity.

Trust and faith go hand in hand,

The moment one leaves,

It is difficult for the other to take a stand.

It is hard to rebuild and regain,

Once lost it is difficult to sustain.

When we are hurt by someone close,

Due to expectations that we never spoke.

No matter how hard overcoming the pain may seem,

The strength lies in us as we learn to forgive.

There is always a doubt in the heart,

Of what is it that will cross our path.

They say life is full of surprises,

At times unravelling with it lessons that one learns with time and slowly realizes.

It is with these little things that I realized,

That learning is a part of life from which one can never run away or hide.