The Dilemma…

Sometimes the heart and the mind defy each other …in such conditions who should one listen to…


Should one follow what the heart says or let the brain contemplate….

Like an impulsive child,

Demanding the one thing that he has been denied.

The constant buzzing of the bees trying to reach a flower,

That seems hidden from their view but still has an attractive power.

The charming glow of the pearly moon,

That attracts many but does not last till noon.

The heart wishes silently,

There is a longing, a soulful yearning,

Which at times results in nothing.

But deep inside it all resides…

The wishes, the dreams that cannot be defied.

The mind on the other hand,

Is like that determined ant,

Which on losing his trail still marches on with faith.

Like that ruthless cold-hearted lion,

Sneaking and conniving to catch its prey,

Knowing that no matter how much cruel it maybe is necessary to keep hunger at bay.

The mind reasons it all,

Providing explanations and logical representations.

Putting on a facade and calling it factual realism.

The  scales tip from one end to the other,

Creating misleading delusions of grandeur.

Walking on a thin line of seperation,

Swinging between the two choices of opinions.

It seems like a hard choice to make,

Should one – follow the heart’s way or let the mind win the game.